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BUG ME NOT Organic All Natural Insect Spray For People & Dogs

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BUG ME NOT is an all natural insect repellent created with a proprietary blend of 100% pure, organic essentials oils proven to deter and repel mosquitoes, fleas and ticks from Dogs and Humans. Throughout history, oils from plants have been used to keeps many species of insects at bay; essential oils are the earth's oldest, purest, and most effective repellent of bugs and insects. Many insects have a natural aversion to various essential oils and will instinctively avoid them.

At YoMo Essentials we choose only the highest quality organic, therapeutic-grade essential oils to insure a pure product and capture the truest essence of every plant's naturally occurring benefits. Our goal is always to keep you and your pets healthy and happy. BUG ME NOT was created as a Safe, Effective, All Natural solution for keeping your dogs insect free and keeping pesky mosquitoes and other insects away from you and your family.

BUG ME NOT has proven to be a most effective mosquito repellent for Humans - repelling a variety of mosquitoes found in countries around the globe! And the aroma is Awesome! You'll love using BUG ME NOT.

BUG ME NOT contains only Natural ingredients. Therefore, please shake up the bottle before each use for optimal results!

***Not for use on cats***

BUG ME NOT contains soothing and moisturizing organic jojoba and coconut oils and a proprietary blend of eight insect repelling organic essential oils, purified water.


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