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Lavender and Oatmeal Dry Dog Shampoo


Lavender and Oatmeal Dry Dog Shampoo is a unique formula, designed to cleanse pet's skin and hair by gently lifting away and neutralizing oils and dirt. Keep dogs fresh between baths. No water necessary!

Perfect for pets who don't enjoy water baths or for an easy in-between bath time cleansing. essential8 dry shampoo combines soothing, deodorizing, and cleansing ingredients into an easy to use and convenient shaker shampoo. All ingredients are food-safe and gluten-free!

Lavender essential oil is also helpful in keeping fleas and other pests at bay, in addition to leaving your pet smelling fresh and clean, without the water cleanup. Vegan friendly formula. Suitable for pets with sensitive skin.

This listing is for a 5 oz. shaker bottle of dry dog shampoo.

Directions for Use: After thoroughly brushing your pup and removing any mats, sprinkle a small amount of essential8 dry dog shampoo onto fur, starting at the neck. Massage powder into coat and brush out. Working in small areas, repeat process along length of body, including belly, neck and legs.

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What's Great about essential8 Dry Dog Shampoo?

*Absorbs dirt and oily buildup to effectively clean the skin and coat of your pooch.

* Deodorizing ingredients will leave your pet smelling fresh.

* Gentle and mild formula will not irritate delicate or sensitive skin.

* Includes oatmeal and lavender for soothing relief to many skin problems.

*Scented with pure essential oils.

*Includes organic ground lavender buds, which are aromatic and assist in deterring fleas.

* Ideal for pets who dislike water baths.

*Absorbs dirt and deodorizes coat.

Ingredients: Arrowroot powder, sodium bicarbonate, ground oatmeal, ground lavender buds, lavender essential oil

**People can use this formula too!!**


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