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Custom made dog portrait burned/drawn in wood.

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A great gift for your pet, (or yourself, really) is a custom made dog portrait drawn from a picture. I use only local wood, which is hand sliced, dried and sanded, then I use pyrography pen to burn the drawing, I will add additional colors according to your dog's coat.

Size for a medium portrait is approximately 8 inches. You can request a smaller or bigger wood slice if you wish, the price might vary if the wood slice is big and takes more work.

You can choose, if you want a whole body or just the face. Any additional pet on the same wood slice comes with a 20% discount.

Writing a name or a small quote is for free.

After purchase I will need you to send me the pet's photo (eline.niemi@gmail.com) I will keep a regular communication with you, send you pictures of the work, so you can oversee the whole process and get the result that you are truly happy with.


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