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Cardinal Red Hex Nut Paracord Dog Collar

$18.65 $13.99

This is a cool one: a red paracord dog collar with a custom weave and intertwined hexagonal nuts. This shot has a 16-inch collar with an O-ring and plastic clasp. Your tough guy will surely be struttin' his stuff in this collar.

And a matching leash just makes so much sense to buy with this.

Yes, every product at The Urban Lead is made to rock your socks—made to order how you like it.

(Polypropylene Rope—a.k.a. Paracord and Parachute Cord—is a strong and durable material that is easily washable. It floats, resists both water and mildew, and insulates against electricity.)

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Handmade Gear for the Fashionable, Fun-loving Dog


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