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The Urban Lead

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Canary Yellow and Chocolate Brown Paracord Dog Leash and Collar Set

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Check this handmade paracord dog collar and leash set. Featured here is a 3-foot leash and a 14-inch collar that use super strong cobra knot weaves. All the other dogs on the block will be jealous of yours, wearing this attractive set.
(These items can also be purchased separately.)

For this particular product you can choose:
• any size collar from 9 inches to 18 inches (length affects price)
• any length leash up to 6 feet (length affects price)

Yes, every product at The Urban Lead is made to bake your cake—made to order how you like it, that is!

(Polypropylene Rope—a.k.a. Paracord and Parachute Cord—is a strong and durable material that is easily washable. It floats, resists both water and mildew, and insulates against electricity.)

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Handmade Gear for the Fashionable, Fun-loving Dog


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