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Dog Collar - "Boo" - Halloween

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Stylish, Safe and Super Comfortable: The SammyMerlin Dog Collar!

We want our two- and fourlegged customers to be completely happy with our products. Each of them is handmade with attention to detail from carefully selected supplies.


 This collar has durable webbing inside, which is completely covered with quality cotton fabric  - very soft and comfortable to wear for your furfriend! Extra stitching at all stress points keeps your dog safe.

The collar also has a welded D-Ring, great to attach a leash or charm.

★ SIZE ★ 

 XS/Extra Small 

Collar Length: 20-33 cm (8 -13“) 

Collar Width: 

only available in

  • 1,5 cm (5/8")


Collar Length: 23 - 40 cm (9" – 15") 

Collar Width: 

available in

  • S1 1,5 cm (5/8") 
  • S2: 2 cm (3/4")


Collar Length: 30 - 48 cm (12" - 18") 

Collar Width: 

  • M1: 2 cm (3/4")
  • M2: 2,5 cm (1")


Collar Length: 39 - 62 cm (15" - 24") 

Collar Width: 

  • L1: 2,5 cm (1") 
  • L2: 4 cm (1,5")

XL/Extra Large 

Collar Length: 45 - 75 cm (18" - 29") 

Collar Width: 

  • XL1: 2,5 cm (1")
  • XL2: 4 cm (1,5")


By default our dog collars come with a quality hard plastic side release buckle and plastic adjuster. You can also choose aluminum hardware instead for an even more high quality look and extra durability (this will cost extra, please see dropdown menu). Since aluminum is heavier than plastic, we don't recommend this kind of buckle for very small dogs and only offer this option for collars with at least 2 cm (3/4“) width.

The collar also has a welded D-Ring, great to attach a leash or charm.

★ CARE ★ 

To make sure that you and your dog enjoy the collar for a long time, we recommend handwash. In case of heavier soiling, it can be washed on the cold gentle cycle. Do not tumble dry.

Our collars are made of cotton, and by it's nature it gets dirty more easily than for example nylon. Please keep this in mind and remove prior your dog's next excessive mud bath or similar.


 We love animals and do our best to make our products safe as can be. But, of course, no collar is indestructible. Please check your dog's collar frequently for wear and tear and replace it if necessary.

Pattern placement might slightly vary from collar to collar. Since each of our products will be handmade to order especially for your furfriend, you won't receive exactly the one shown above. Depending on the collar width, you are able to see more or less of the pattern. We promise that your collar will look great though!

Depending on your monitor, actual colors may slighly vary from what you see here.


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