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Wide weave Paracord dog collar - 18 Inches

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18 Inches around Inside - 20 Inches end to end

Black/copper and Gray/white Paracord Dog Collar with large Metal side release buckle. 

1 3/5 Inch wide. 

Pre Made and ready to ship! 

Handmade Paracord Pet Collars and Leashes crafted in Edmonton, Alberta. These unique paracord creations are a great accessory for your favourite furry friend and a great way to showcase their equally unique personality. 

All Collars and Leashes are made from 7 strand 550 paracord made in the USA. Paracord is very lightweight, can withstand up to 550lbs, and is rot/mildew resistant and won’t fade from sunlight.

**All collars are measured around the INSIDE of the collar and are non-adjustable. When measuring your pet for a collar, please measure around inside of their current, comfortably fitted collar.** 

--Paracord has many amazing uses and is a great tool to have for wilderness survival, camping, and hiking. In an emergency the collar or leash can be unravelled to be used for securing supplies, a tent, or tarp, for use as a belt, making a tourniquet, repairing zipper pull, use as shoelace, make a clothes line, make traps / snares, hang food up and away from bears, and the inner threads can be used for fishing line, sewing thread, dental floss, and suture material – just to name a few. 

Paracord is a great material for leashes and collars as it is durable and strong, with a breaking point of 550 pounds.


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