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Medium Far Niente Wine Crate Feeder with Granite Top

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You know your pet deserves the best and we know you would really love a pet feeder that complements your home decor. Far Niente is a winery with genuine gold rush history and we created this feeder using a panel from one of the wine shipping boxes that once embraced their fine wines. We topped the feeder with granite and finished it with cabinet grade lacquer and embossed, stainless steel bowls to create a a product that is both durable and beautiful - so just like your furry best friend, the quality of your choice will always make you smile!

The Far Niente Dog Feeder pictured is sized for a medium to large sized dog, measuring approximately 17 x 9.5 x 7."  Two, 1-quart embossed, stainless steel bowls are included. 

Please note, because every crate is unique, your item my vary slightly from the one in the photo. Please expect delivery in 3-4 weeks. Made in Colorado by Alpine Wine Design. 


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