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Bumble & Hound

Luxury dog scarves & accessories, handmade in the American South.

20% of every purchase supports local rescues!


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Noelle Whitley
Cary, NC

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Shop Items Reviews (2)

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Emma Waltner
December, 27 2017
review for: ELSA
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Sarah Harkness
December, 11 2017
review for: Cable Rib Sweater
This sweater is made with so much love, Bully is only 20" tall but is 80 pounds of muscle and kisses, finding anything to fit is a real trick to say the least. His sweater is the most perfect fit, it is very flexible yet holds it's shape, it is so super soft and cozy. He is very comfortable while he is wearing it and i love the beautiful yarn, it is so vibrant and pops with maginificient color! This company has fast and friendly customer service and is a joy to work with we give them 5 star paws of pawwwwfection😁 thank you so much Bumble and Hound!!!