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Your dog's actual 3D pawprint as a custom necklace pendant

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A beautiful way for a dog owner to express their true love and friendshipwith their four-legged companions. Keep your dog's paw print in a fine piece of silver jewelry. Especially,if your pet is already older, you want to capture every moment with them.


As soon as we receive your order, we will send you a pawprint kit with detailed instructions. Inthis kit is enough material for several paw prints (depending on thesize of the prints, between 4 for large dogs and up to 20 for small ones) so you can "practice" a bit. We willuse the best one for your piece of jewellery - of course, you can alsomark your preferred print directly on the kit.

We craft yourpersonalized pawprint jewellery with lots of love for detail. Wetransfer your pet's paw prints threedimensionally into the silver suchthat you can see the depths of the paws and even the claws - which is only possible through our unique process which we have developedourselves and cannot be done with prints on paper. So there is nowhereelse you will get jewellery that looks like ours: as if your pet hadactually left a pawprint directly in the silver (only in miniature size).

Depending on the time the postal service takes for delivery (three ways: print kit to you and back to us & jewellery to you) and on how much time you need to take the prints, you will receive your jewellery about 8-9 weeks after placing your order. We package your jewelry carefully, with a complimentary polishing cloth and some recommendations for everyday care, so everything gets to you safely and remains beautiful for a long time.

>> Please note that anecklace is not included in the price, this offer relates to the pendant only. If you would like to have a silver necklace or leather band to go with your pawprint pendant, please contact us directly, thank you.


An engraving (such as name and date on the back of the pendant) is included in the price. Please see a selection of our engraving fonts in the product images.

We can realize almost all of your engraving wishes, including signs and symbols (such as the infinity sign, sun, star, heart etc.), engravings on a round line (e.g. around the print) and personal dedications.

If you wish to use your own handwriting, own drawing or special motifs that are not in our standard repertoire, we take a an extra fee of 25,- Euro.

Please note your wishes for the engraving (text and placement), if any, with your order. You can also write your wishes on the checklist your receive with your print kit and mail it back to us - or simply email/ convo us
directly. Also, please feel free to send us a message if you are unsure whether your engraving wishes can be realized and if you would like to inquire about the availability of the signs and symbols of your choice.


*** Diameter: approx. 19 mm (minimal deviations are possible).

*** Materials: for the actual pendant, we use 935 silver. All other elements are made of sterling silver (925).


Shipping & handling costs for international orders are 14.90 €. They include the following:

- mailing the print kit to you
- mailing the final piece of jewelry to you
- as well as all packaging material (you can use the package in which you receive the print kit from us for sending it back as well).

Please note that on international orders, we do not include postage labels for sending your print kit back to us, i.e. you will need to cover these costs yourself.

Unfortunately, mailing print kits back & forth can be quite costly, especially when sending them overseas. Please contact us if you would prefer to acquire your own print kit in your local area instead of receiving it from us. There are alternatives that we can work with.

We usually ship print kits 1-3 working days after receiving your payment. The jewelry will be shipped about 6 weeks after we receive your pawprints. We will contact you as soon as your paw prints arrive at our place so you know when you can expect the jewelry to be ready.


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