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Pet food bowls HIDE THE FOOD

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Made to order!

This cat bowl stand is carefully handcrafted to details. The height of
the stand is 6 cm and is free standing. This holder is for three bowls and has a lid to protect two bowls from intruders, like neighbors cats or dogs . Bowl diameter is (2X) 11 cm and (1X) 9 cm . Quality stainless steel bowl is dishwasher safe.
Custom made for pussycat.

Production method:
This pet bowl stand is hand made, cut out of wood and treated with oil 2 X.

For use:
In indoor areas only.

bowl: stainless steel
stand: wood (acacia)

stand height: 6 cm (2,4 inches)
bowl diameter: (2X) 11 cm (4,3 inches), (1X) 9 cm (3,5 inches)
bowl volume: (2X) 400 ml (13,5 oz), (1X) 200 ml (6,8 oz)
weight: 2,2 kg (4,8 lb)  


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