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Spawtless Toothbrush


Spawtless Toothbrush is an eco-friendly toothbrush, tongue cleaner and toothpaste dispenser designed to make cleaning your pet's teeth more enjoyable. Spawtless Toothbrush easily attaches to your pet's toothpaste container and dispenses it through the toothbrush's head while you brush your pet's teeth.

Instructions for Use

  • Screw Spawtless Toothbrush onto your pet's favorite toothpaste.
  • Squeeze toothpaste container until toothpaste is dispensed through the toothbrush's head
  • Gently brush teeth in circular motion
  • Continue to squeeze toothpaste without having to remove the Spawtless Toothbrush from your pet's mouth
  • Allow pet to lick the toothbrush's head to help clean their tongue

This product is NOT a TOY. Never leave your pet unattended while using this product.


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