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Howling Greyhound

Howling Greyhound was founded with a simple goal: Creating Pawesome Products.

Our motive is to create innovative, high quality, and eco-friendly pet products that can enhance the interaction between you and your pet. Let's face it our pets deserve the best.

The pet industry has fallen into a vicious cycle of providing pet products that fall into one of two


1) functional, but visually unappealing and

2) visually appealing, but ineffective.

Why should we have to pick either or? We ask ourselves this question and have committed to creating products that accomplish both. Interacting with our pets should be easy, fun, and rewarding.

Every day our team of pet lovers and owners brainstorm new products that can change the way you interact with your pet. We sought top design engineers from the aerospace and medical field to help create innovative designs that are outside the box. Our designers focus on providing a balance between function and form, while meeting the highest product standards. Above and beyond our design team, our furry staff of testers ensures all our products receive a paw of approval before they are considered finished.

We create pawesome products.

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Maria Bastiani

Weston, FL


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