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TootsUncommon, where it's all about TU! Creating a cuter continent one canine at a time! Uniquely uncommon pet attire and accessories!


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Traci Rodgers
Indianapolis, IN

We design patterns and then create one-of-a-kind dog attire and accessories; using new fabrics and repurposed oldies but goodies!

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Collar Bling

Flower, heart and dog bone cut felt sewn together with a vintage button and a loop of elastic to loop onto a dog collar....add a little bling to your walking routine:)

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El Chaleco

“No, Wait! Don’t drop El Chaleco!”, Tootsie shouted as her faithful owner started to remove her soft fleece vest after their cold winter walk. “This fabric is so warm and comfortable, I could wear my Chaleco night and day! “ And so will your cuddly pup! Whether you are out for a stroll or sipping hot chocolate by the fire your loyal companion will wear his/her Chaleco proudly and like Tootsie will in no time be saying, “No, Wait! Don’t drop El Chaleco!” Currently available in xx-small for teacup pups in pink tiger stripes, leopard print, camouflage and Colts!

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The Talk Dirty To Me Towel

At the back door, in the front foyer, behind the bark park; until I'm clean once more! Down the alley, look the rain it pours! And dog paws, Talk Dirty To Me! 
Size = 28 inches long x 8.5 inches wide - terry cloth w/ chamois hand mit

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L. Pawncho Camarillo

Like the amazing music from the seventies, the pawncho is a timeless addition to any fashionable dog's wardrobe! Why even Lucille, who likes to groove to the Blues, agrees that the L. Pawncho Camarillo makes any chick "Hippy"! Peace out Sisters and Brothers! 
Size = small, 8-10 inches - collar to base of tail.

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Firecracker! Firecracker! Boom, Boom, Boom!! Boys get the cummerbund, girls get the corset. Both get the sexy ruff and TootsUncommon is our name! Sized to fit small and medium dogs. The ruff will fit neck sizes of all dogs! 
*Currently available in 4th of July, Halloween,Valentine, St. Patrick, Spring fabrics and Holiday Jingle Bells!

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The Wrapamacallit

Wrap it up, I'll take it! The Wrapamacallit that is! As timeless as Greta Garbo, Ingrid Bergman, and Joan Crawford. Your pup will be saying, "Grab my wrap, Love." No matter how you define the Wrapamacallit, it is a lovely, yet versatile outer garment that will enclose your Love in a soft and elegant fleece. When nothing else comes to mind it can only be the Wrapamacallit from TootsUncommon! Sizes: ex small, 11 inches, small, 16 inches, medium, 21 inches, and large 26 inches - collar to base of tail.

*Lots of new pattern and color combinations - zebra print, brown plaid, Colts and more!

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The Little Black Puplum Dress

-Dogs hang on her every bark. -At the park, she doesn't have to pick up her poop. -She is the only dog to get free hamburgers at the drive thru. -Everytime she visits the vet they ask to pay her. -She is the most interesting dog in the world. "I don't always wear clothes, but when I do I prefer the Little Black Puplum Dress by TootsUncommon. Stay sexy my friends."
Size = medium, 9-11 inches - collar to base of tail.

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Collares y Leashes

Collares, Oh! Oh! And leashes, Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! In pinks, reds, and blues. From TootsUncommon for you! We have collares sized to fit small, medium and big dogs! Our blue, black, and reds also have reflective strips for late night or early morning walking! Leashes are approx 3-5 feet in length. The hardware on the collares and leashes is heavy duty! Collares are $5 and the leashes are $7. Get the combo for $10! Goodbye City Life? Now with the Urban Grip Collares y Leashes Line from TootsUncommon! Going to the dog bakery to pick up some cookies? How about the downtown cafe packed with pooches and people? No worries! the Urban Grip keeps Fido close!

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The Woofler

Weather it's Chile today or Hot Tamale the TootsUncommon Woofler's got you covered!! Available in a rainbow of colors in 42" and 52". But...special orders won't upset us!

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The MAC Raincoat

"Professor of clothing design Hairy Canine makes a bet that he can teach a half-breed Cocker Spaniel to design a jacket made with a waterproof fabric invented by Mr. Charles Macintosh in Glasgow in 1823. Not only does Hairy Canine loose the bet; but the half-breed Cocker Spaniel designs a raincoat smart enough to wear in the city. Her design achieves such popularity with the inventor of the waterproof fabric that today Mr Mackintosh’s surname is often used as a generic term for any raincoat, although those by the Mackintosh label are the true originals. TootsUncommon has been given the proud distinction of carrying on the Mackintosh label for canines which has "Pugmalion" falling in love with rubberized cloth and Lucille Dolabrador singing, "The Rain in Spain Stays Mainly on the Plain"! Purchase a MAC from TootsUncommon and you and your canine will undoubtedly love just walkin' and singin' in the rain!! " Available in the same sizes as our Wrapamacallit!

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Tut The Tank

In ancient Egypt, color was an integral part of the substance and being of everything in life. The color of something was a clue to the substance or heart of the matter. TootsUncommon traveled to the far reaches of the African continent to bring you the TootsUncommon Egyptian Colors Clothing Line. The hot Egyptian sun was a perfect fit for Tut The Tank; the most famous of all tanks! Lord Carnarvon wore it himself in 1922 when he and Howard Carter found the entrance to the Tomb of King Tutankhamun. And you too will visit the Valley of the Kings in royal style with the Tut The Tank in a fine array of Egyptian green, yellow, and black knits embellished with sparkling gems and golden ribbons! Available in extra-small - 8-10 inches from collar to base of tail, small - 12-14 inches from collar to base of tail, and medium - 16-18 inches from collar to base of tail.

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Little Pug Playin' Hood

Once upon a time there was a dear little fawn pug who was loved by every human who looked at her, but most of all by her hu"mom", and there was nothing that the hu"mom" would not have given to her sweet fawn pug. Once she gave her a little playin' hood of repurposed cotton , which suited the pug so well that she would never wear anything else; so she was always called 'Little Pug Playin' Hood.' Bring your little one along on a Brothers Grimm Tale as your pup is sure to enjoy the warm embrace of the Little Pug Playin' Hood on a cool fall day! Get them while it's hot, cause this Pug in the Hood won't last for long!! Available in sizes x-small to x-large. As these fine items are made from repurposed sweatshirts, colors will vary. Let us know your pup's measurement from collar to base of tail and we will set you up with a Little Pug Playin' Hood.

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Tut The Turtle

Not Your Mummy's Vintage Rags Collection presents "Tut The Turtle". "Tut The Tank" was worn by Lord Carnarvon & Howard Carter in Cairo while excavating The Valley of the Kings. Then while in Germany, Lord Carnarvon suffered an automobile accident that would change his life. While saved from death, he was left appallingly weak, a condition that would make him increasingly vulnerable to the cold and damp of the English climate. The only attire that could keep the chill away was the "Tut The Turtle"; which Carnarvon's wife created from Howard Carter's old knit sweaters. And now you too can keep cozy warm in the TootsUncommon "Tut The Turtle" in a fine array of repurposed knit sweaters. Send us a knit, chenille, velour, etc...sweater that you just don't wear any more and we will create a one of a kind Tut The Turtle for your furry friend.

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