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Turboboost- 300 - Heavyweight Fleece Dog Snowsuit

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**Made out of Polartec 300 (heaviest fabric available, 3x as heavy as antipill fleece)Double Velour
Super warm and super soft. This jammy is perfect for outdoor winter weather and has a slight stretch for comfort. Comes with snood is preferred.

This Double Velour jumper is set apart from the rest fleeces out there!

What makes Polartec so different from the rest?
Benefits of Polartec Fabric:
Super Insulating(more then regular fleece) Without the bulk, warms like much heavier fabric while holding heat in.
Heats by maintaining body heat.
Water Resistance, water will bead and roll off.
Snow Resistant, snow will be able to be wiped right off
Fast drying, in the event that this jumper gets wet it DOES Dry very quickly
Durable! This fabric can really handle the toughest pups!

PLEASE INCLUDE BODY MEASUREMENTS If you do not this will delay your order!


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Laura Truitt
January 09, 2017 10:26 AM (EST)
This is definitely the best piece of clothing I've ever bought for our Italian Greyhound, Chase! It is so warm and perfect for those cold winter days. It is much thicker than regular fleece pajamas. If you own a dog and live in a cold weather region, this is a no brainer to buy! Thanks Turbothreads! <3

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