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Leak Resistant Belly Band

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Instead of a Flannel outer there is a leak resistant outer which will hold leaks!

All belly bands are lined on the inside with soft fleece to reduce chafing. All belly bands have a 4x3inch velcro closure to prevent movement of the belly band

These belly bands are made to aid in occasional accidents, and to eliminate marking in the home. Wrapping around the waist and secured with hook and loop, these are made to your dogs measurements for a perfect fit!

As with most belly bands, these are to be used in conjunction with a panty liner to absorb any urine!

*Please include your dogs waist measurement in the "notes to seller"
*To measure wrap tape measure around waist, over the penis but not to tightly to leave enough room for the band to go over their man parts comfortable.


Kristie Parker
February 15, 2017 10:56 AM (EST)
Extremely happy with all of our TurboThreads items and this is no different! These are the only belly bands we use for our Iggy who thinks he is above housebreaking.

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