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TurboThreads For Fast Dogs!

High Quality, Custom made clothing items and accessories for small and medium dogs! Specializing in, but NOT limited to, Italian Greyhounds and Whippets!

Current Season: Winter! Fleece pj's, Hoodies, TurboBoost suits!

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Adrianna Vozza
Hopatcong, NJ


I have returned from my break and am available to help you get the perfect items for your pups!



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Nancy Fuller
February, 06 2018
Bunky played wonder woman for Halloween 🎃 and wears the fleece all winter for warmth,absolutely beautiful 💥⚡️💫🐕
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Nancy Fuller
August, 15 2017
Bunky received the shark Jammie, so fluffy and soft!! Just adorable, Holly has a real talent, beautiful job 🦈
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