Molly is a playful 8 month old. She is good with other dogs and would especially like to be the top dog in the pack but she knows how to be submissive if necessary. She is jealous of a smaller female dog in my pack so I keep them separated to avoid any problems. She gets along great with her brother, my older female dog and older male dog. I could send you pics of the pack all sleeping together. Molly loves to be petted and loved on and just almost melts when she gets petted by her human Mom or Dad. She is very sweet. We see her playing with pecans, sticks and stuffed animals. Her very short hair should be great for people who don't want a lot of dog hair. She stays in the yard now. I have fostered her since Sept 8, 2018 when I found her and her brother on the side of the road. I foster for the Humane Society DBA Rescue Hearts of Alabama. Molly sleeps inside at night and is able to go outside to do her business during the night. She has one blue eye and her other eye is blue and brown. The color of her eyes doesn't affect her eyesite. Her bark is not very loud. We believe she is a Treeing Tennessee Brindle which is a smaller version of the Plott Hound. You can search for this new breed on the internet and see all the great things they say about them. Please contact me at to complete an application if you are interested. We want to make sure she is a good fit for you and will quickly respond.

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