Charlie appears to be a Treeing Tennessee Brindle Hound. He is medium sized and has the most gentle nature and is very submissive to other dogs. He is social with people and will make a great companion. Dogs of this breed are very healthy and are intelligent, brave, courageous and loyal. They are bred to be alert, agile and fast. Charlie seems to be happy to do whatever you ask him to do. When outside and off his leash, he tends to stay near home. He has a very soft coat. He doesn't mind being hugged. At nearing 6 months old, he is playful and active with other dogs and is more calm than his sister. He likes to play with stuffed toys and especially loves a piece of rawhide for chewing. He is mostly black and has brown stripes running through his shiny coat. If you have a hunter in the family, these type dogs are bred to tree squirrels, raccoons and other animals. Both Charlie and his sister, Molly, are up for adoption.

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