A SWEETIE WITH AN “OLD SOUL”: 7 years old / 19 lbs. Mostly Mutts adoption center is open Mon-Sat. 11-4pm. Some of us are in foster homes so please call 770-272-6888 1st to find out if I’m available to meet during the week. Hi there! I’m Poppy – a very sweet natured Beagle mix girl. I am looking for a family that wants a dog who is content to just be with their people and not a very active, playful or going out for long walks kind of dog. You see, I’m an “old soul” and a home body who is happy just being relaxed at home. I greet everyone I meet with a wagging tail, though my confidence level is not very high, so as soon as folks put their hand out and pet me, I tuck my tail and seem unsure. However, I obviously love the attention because I don’t leave. I would love a home with a calm and gentle natured family to love and to help me blossom into a more confident doggie. If you have patient and gentle children who will sit and pet me, I would likely enjoy that very much too. There’s a really nice boy on my foster home who is great with dogs and that’s so nice. So, kids that are about 8 years old and have a quiet natured seem like a good fit for me. I enjoy being outside with my people basking in the sun and love it when my foster family puts a doggie bed on the deck for me when we go out. Aaahhhh! Save the hikes for you and the kids and I’ll just lounge around at home, or we could just take a short leisurely stroll. When I first came to my foster home, I was not interested in playing with the other dogs at all, but – with time – I have come to enjoy their company. If you have a dog, we should just meet to see if we can be pals – or, I think I would be content as your only dog. I really am just a ‘go with the flow’ kind of gal. The cat in my foster home and I co-exist by pretending each other doesn’t exist (lol), so I have not shown any aggression towards nor interest in her. My open-door crate is my safe place, though I have not been crazy about sleeping in it at night – initially howling a good bit, but I have gotten better about that. I may not need to sleep in a crate in my new home, but my foster family likes to train their foster dogs to sleep there so they get used to it. Other than that, I am quiet in the house, only howling a little at ambulance noises which is cute. The only time I get annoyed with the dogs in my foster home is when that bother me during meal time, so you may want to feed me separately. My potty manners have been good in my foster home with no accidents, so hopefully that will be the case in my new home too. If you are looking for a sweet, laid back girl to add to your calm home, you have found that in me! Energy level: 2-3, maybe a little bit higher once I’m very comfortable in my new home. MM’s was going to have my teeth cleaned when I was spayed and had a boo-boo on my ear fixed, but I didn’t do very well under anesthesia, so that could not be done. There are however lots of dental products on the market these days, so you can use one of them for me. I'm current on vaccinations, micro-chipped, spayed and my adoption fee is $275.00.

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