Rocky (Guest)

Rocky is a black and tan male GSD about 3 years old. His owner had agreed to keep him temporarily for a friend getting divorced, who no longer wants Rocky back. They can keep him temporarily, until a new home is found. Rocky's owner describes him as lovable, loyal and protective. Rocky gets along with dogs but could also do well as an only dog. We do not know if he like cats, he has not lived with them. He is friendly to people, but has not lived with young children. Rocky is healthy and up to date with vet care. He is Neutered. His owner can provide vet records. Rocky would do best in a moderately active or active home, where he could get regular exercise and playtime. He likes to play in the yard and go for walks. Rocky does bark at other dogs when on leash, so he will need an owner who is a strong leader, who can continue his training to correct the behavior. Rocky is housebroken, knows basic commands, is crate trained, and walks on a leash. If you'd like to meet Rocky, please contact his owner directly at GSDRGA has not met Rocky, he is not our foster dog. We are guest listing him. Please contact his owner to ask questions, or set up a meeting. If you would like to submit an application for me, go to or click on the link: German Shepherd Dog Rescue Group of Georgia Inc.

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