3 years old, 5 pounds. Casey is the funniest little dog I have ever met. He dances on is hind legs with his arms stretched out as high as they will go to get your attention and to be picked up. He has this loud tiny little bark and you only hear if the other dogs bark but you would think he is much bigger then he is. He loves to climb on my chest in the mornings and rub his face and paw at his ears then give me kisses of joy that I am getting up. Casey has lived with alot of dogs, small and large and has learned to maneuver around just fine without being stepped on a nd he won't hesitate to tell a big dog off. He loves to sit in your lap and he likes to have sweaters on in winter. Now for the hard part: Casey has been manhandled by someone in his past when they were brushing him or grooming him. He will bite if you pull his hair. We have had to sedate him for grooming but I am slowly working with him on allow me to brush him. So this said, he has to be kept short haired b/c he tangles easily and you can't pull his hair to brush him out BUT you also can't just take him to a normal groomer b/c he turns rather evil. We want to laugh b/c he is so tiny but he has werewolf teeth when he wants too. Sadly, this is why he was going to be euthanized by his last owner. She just couldn't handle him. Casey has been here many months and we have worked with him so that I can now wipe his eyes and trim his face. I can only shave him is I hold him in the air with one hand so he doesn't get a good look LOL. I love this tiny little man but he needs someone special to love him and understand him. All dogs are fully vaccinated, microchipped, spayed/neutered and Heartworm negative unless otherwise noted. We require an adoption application, home visit and adoption fee of $200 ($150 for senior). You also get a two week trial period with all of our dogs. To apply, simply go to Many of our dogs are in foster homes all over Atlanta, thus an application is required before an appointment can be set to meet a dog.

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