2-3/4 years old, 70 pounds.Spot used to be the most happy go lucky puppy on earth but he never got adopted and has never once had an application. He has grown up in the kennel house with so many other dogs. He is not one of the pushy ones so he doesn't get the love and attention he deserves so desperately. As a pup, all the other ones would be sleeping and he would be playing and crawling all over my lap. He would smile and enjoy getting my sole attention. Now Spot doesn't come to me b/c when he does all the other dogs rush up as well which sends him trotting back to his crate. While he loves his brother and would truely enjoy the companionship of one or two other dogs, the kennel house is just overwhelming to him (and Butler). Sadly I have watched so many babies not get adopted and then turn shy and skittish over time. :( My heart breaks for them all. Spot listens so well. He goes in his crate when told, goes outside when told, and sits for treats. He still runs and bounces like a pup around the yard whenhe gets the urge and loves to chase toys. Bringing them back is something he has never mastered. He does not jump on his person and sits for love. We have a "four feet on the ground" rule around here and he learned it quickly. Due to his tendency to just hang out in his crate, Spot is a little overweight. Spots mother is a 35 lb beagle shepherd mix with a darling personality. Her name is Krissy and she is listed on the Medium Dog Page. She was living in the woods near and industrial park when we set a humane trap and got her before she delivered these beautiful pups. set a humane trap and got her before she delivered these beautiful pups. All dogs are fully vaccinated, microchipped, spayed/neutered and Heartworm negative unless otherwise noted. We require an adoption application, home visit and adoption fee of $200 ($150 for senior). You also get a two week trial period with all of our dogs. To apply, simply go to Many of our dogs are in foster homes all over Atlanta, thus an application is required before an appointment can be set to meet a dog.

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